The Japanese Society for Genome Editing


I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed President of the Japanese Society for Genome Editing (JSGE), succeeding former President Takashi Yamamoto. The JSGE, established in 2016, aims to exchange information on genome editing science and fundamental technologies related to genome editing, and contribute to the development of this technology and human resource development. The JSGE is positioned as a new society where young researchers, mainly those who study rapidly evolving genome editing research, learn, discuss, and develop the rapidly advancing technology.

   I remember that dozens of researchers gathered in Okazaki in 2011 as the first genome editing research meeting to discuss gene modification using ZFN and TALEN, and all participants were elated to see a promising future. CRISPR-Cas9, developed by Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna and their colleagues, has brought about "Revolution" in diverse fields including life science, food, environment, and industry. I believe that JSGE has contributed greatly to fundamental research on genome editing in Japan by promptly informing our members of these rapidly developing technological innovations and exchanging information among many researchers.

   We are engaged in a wide variety of activities centered on the keyword "genome editing. We hope to create an open academic society in which many researchers across various fields, as well as people from various industries and companies, can participate. We believe that the most important responsibility of the JSGE is to promote the use of genome editing, which is trusted by the general public. We will continue to promote the activities of the JSGE for the development of genome editing research, while seeking opinions and advice from our members. We would like to ask for the cooperation of our members and look forward to the participation of young researchers and students in the JSGE.

June 2022
President: Tomoji Mashimo
(Professor, Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo)



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